What metabolomics tests can and can't do?

At home Metabolomics Testing Kits

Provide clues about your body and how it is working

It’s nice to find out what makes your body react the way it does. Have a metabolite showing high response towards meat and eggs? That’s a reason for increasing your intake of veggies and fruits.

Help you make better and informed choices

Knowing more about your metabolome will help you to tailor your lifestyle to what suits you best. For instance: If your metabolites tell you are lower than average on fiber intake, you’ll want to analyse your daily intake of fiber-rich foods to take the most of its health sparing effects.

What’s going on inside?

In contrast with your genes, which in many cases offer predisposition, metabolome offers what is going on at this moment. Your metabolites could inform you, in advance, of given risks, so you could act. For example, if you have metabolites pointing for increased risk of high glucose problems, you can take extra good care of it now to help offset it, by maintaining a healthier lifestyle, avoiding situations with known consequences over your metabolism. Plus, you could always check whether those changes are going on and track them in further analysis! Discover it with our home metabolomics testing kits.

Determine that this characteristic will not change over the time

Thought there are genetic influences for your metabolism, lifestyle changes are quite useful! So if your metabolites tell you are now in a low metabolic fit, that doesn’t prevent you from trying to improve your diet and physical activity in a tailored manner. Your metabolites, in the end, will show up this dedicated effort.

Predict your exact future forever

Despite some diagnostic test use metabolites, our test is not a diagnosis one, still. Think of it instead as an analysis of your risks: if the information given is accurate enough (it is!) it will help you to make informed choices, which will depend on many other factors.

Tell you what to do next

Since our home metabolomics testing kits are not a diagnosis, you should be cautious in how you interpret the results. While at that moment you may not have levels of metabolites pointing to an excess of dietary meat intake, don’t go on a meat feast too often! You should always use common sense.

Monitor changes in your metabolism

Lead to the generation of a history of your individual lifestyle responses, allowing us to provide you with personalized recommendations on a continuous basis to achieve your goals. Find out more with our home Metabolomics testing kits.

The metabolome

The metabolome refers to the dynamic set of molecules and chemical elements present in an organism (metabolites), whether they are synthesized again by the organism or incorporated from the outside.

The metabolome reflects the metabolic state of a living system and it is influenced both by internal factors such as the hormonal status of the individual or the time of day as by external factors. The metabolome is something completely changeable.
The analysis of the human metabolome allows describing the state of the organism making possible the study of cellular responses, defence mechanisms and  homeostasis pathways.
Measuring different metabolites helps us to provide personalized medicine.

The metabolomics profile analysis provided in our tests generates data on your individual metabolism and allows you to analyse dynamic bioactive food components information and the interaction thereof with your biochemistry.

Among others, our tests evaluate the levels of molecules with a regulatory role in vascular and liver function, substances indicative of cell and extracellular redox potential, reporter molecules for caloric metabolism, key compounds regulating amino acids metabolism, hormonal response and bioactive compounds.

The metabolome: from DNA to metabolites

Indicators for personalized nutrition

Thus, the following metabolic derivatives indicators are set:

  • Compounds related to detoxification
  • Antioxidant peptides
  • Metabolites related to lipid profile
  • Branched-chain amino acids
  • Aromatic amino acids
  • Compounds related to vascular function
  • Intestinal flora derived metabolites

With all this, the need for custom changes in the intake of the following nutrients is set:

  • Proteins
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Individualized profile of prebiotics
  • Dietary fiber
  • Enriched food with certain bioactive compounds (vitamins, cofactors and trace elements)
  • Ingredients with a role in the antioxidant metabolism

The metabolic profile not only allows you to monitor changes in your biochemistry but also leads to the generation of a record in your individual lifestyle response and adjusts thereby dietary changes to allow a comprehensive approach to your health.

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