Well B metabolomic profiling tests

Well B metabolomics profiling tests: promoting metabolomics for precision medicine.

Who we are

Biomeb is a health technology company promoting metabolomics for precision medicine as well as research in other fields of life science. Our metabolomics approach is a competent technology for assessing one’s metabolic state that can be used to hand in tips to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Metabolomics profiling is offered by other labs, but Biomeb is the sole company created by well-regarded scientists in the fields of metabolomics, cardiovascular health, aging and metabolic and neurodegenerative disorders to bring closer this technology to the public.

Biomeb arises from the idea of lumping together lifestyle, genetics and metabolomics data to reach a better knowledge of a person and achieve finer personalization of lifestyle tips to improve its health. The idea was born in the Metabolic physiopathology research group from the University of Lleida and the Biomedical Research Institute of Lleida which has focused on the role of metabolism and oxidative stress in the aging process and age-related diseases. Its experience goes from animal models to human beings and from basic science to interventional studies.

What we do

Many elements influence the phenotype, as genetics, microbiome, environment, lifestyle or some conditions and diseases, and all of them alter metabolism. Having an image of this phenotype using the metabolome can give important clues of what is going at a given time.

Well B is conceived as an emerging approach for disease prevention and lifestyle management that considers each person as a whole using metabolomics, anthropometric, biochemical, environmental and lifestyle data to assess cardiovascular health in a personalized manner. Moreover, it processes all these data to give tips to impact people’s health to provide the right care, to the right individual at the right moment.

Well B kit is now coming out on the market in four different formats to provide clues about what is going on inside one’s body and to help making better and informed lifestyle choices.

Change your lifestyle and see the effects!