Weight Management


Worried about your weight? Discover how you can improve your habits and lifestyle to achieve your goals. Take control of your weight!

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At home Weight Management Test Kit

Worried about your weight? Discover how you can improve your lifestyle and habits to achieve a healthy weight. Our weight management test will help you to develop finer personalization of lifestyle tips to improve your health. Find out more with our Weight Management Test. Take control of your weight!

Delivery time of your report will be within 2-4 weeks once we receive the samples to our lab.

Your body

Body weight is the easiest readout for energy metabolism. However, as with other health variables, not all overweights or underweights are equal. So neither weight management strategies. They may be one of the signals of a health threat or an answer to lifestyle changes. Metabolites hold clues for a scientific assessment of those body changes and can help you achieve a healthy weight.

  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Waist Circumference (WC)
  • Waist-To-Hip ratio (WHR)
Your diet

Subtle effects of changes in diet or weight loss can be detected by metabolomics and analysed in your lifestyle context to adapt your diet to your physiology and health status. With our home Weight Management Test we will help to further define informed choices and track desirable effects.

  • Caloric intake and energy expenditure
  • Carbohydrates, dietary fibre, protein and fats
  • Dietary minerals and vitamins
Your physical activity

Changes in your weight can modify your blood metabolites and disclose your response to physical activity. Use physical activity advice to improve your fitness.

  • Physical activity level