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I, the undersigned, being of legal age, have read this document and , have been informed, have had enough time to ask and reflect on the possible benefits and harms that the test may have on my well-being and health, and DECLARE to know the procedure to be performed, what it consists of and how it will be carried out. I DECLARE also that, in the case of samples of minors, I held the custody of them or I represent them legally. Likewise, in case of samples of third persons, I DECLARE that I have his/her authorization to represent them and authorize the treatment on his/her behalf. In such conditions, and voluntarily, I CONSENT and AUTHORIZE to carry out the Metabolomic testing Service and to receive non-promotional messages regarding my account, such as technical notices, purchase confirmations, or Service-related emails, and Terms of Service or Privacy Statement updates (necessary to perform the Service). Likewise, I CONSENT and AUTHORIZE the laboratory to use, once the analysis processes are completed, the sample for the purpose indicated in this document

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