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At Home Metabolomic Tests Kits

Our home metabolomic test kits allow continuous, real time and dynamic monitoring of health parameters. So you can repeat your test (by doing an update test) periodically in order to follow up your progression.

Optional data: Our Well B metabolomic tests allow you to integrate parameters of a recent blood test data and blood pressure data to complement the metabolomic analysis performed at our laboratories.

Check our FAQs for detailed information.

We make it easy for you


Choose a Well B Metabolomic test

Order directly from our online shop to have a metabolomic test kit sent directly at your home.


Collect your sample

We make the process easy for you. Our home metabolomic test kits contain a micro-sampler cartridge, lancing devices and a prepaid shipping package.


Don’t forget to register your kit and to complete the questionnaire

Register your kit and gain access to your private area. You can schedule our pickup service and we’ll come to you to pick up your package. Then, it’s very important that you complete the full questionnaire in order to get all the personalized lifestyle tips & benefits from the test. Check the FAQ section for detailed information.

Optional data: You can integrate your diastolic and systolic blood pressure and recent blood test data provided by your doctor, life insurance company, employer or another source to complement the metabolomic analysis performed at our laboratories. Check the FAQ section for detailed information.


Monitor changes in your metabolism

You can follow up your metabolic changes and progression by repeating the test. We recommend doing an update test every 6 months or every year according to your profile.

Science at your service


Your privacy is our highest priority

Your privacy and the security of your information is Biomeb’s highest priority.

Metabolomic analysis are performed in our laboratories. Therefore, we never send your metabolomic samples to a third-party lab or share your sample to any other third-party, companies or employers.


Our Science

Our team has experts from different disciplines, including physiologists, biochemists and data scientists. Metabolomic tests and analyses are up-to-date technology and your personalized lifestyle tips and reports are based on strong scientific research.


Take part in our research!

Biomeb is promoting metabolomics for precision medicine as well as research in other fields of life science. Our metabolomics approach is a competent technology for assessing one’s metabolic state that can be used to hand in tips to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

We invite you to take part in our research.

Biomeb’s researchers who conduct analyses will only have access in an anonymous way to your metabolomic and self-reported data and never to your Registration Data (name, address, email address, user ID, password, or credit card).


We innovate constantly

Our research allows us to improve our metabolomics tests continuously.
We are already working on our new tests for you!

Stay tuned!

Learn more about yourself, continuously!

Lead to the generation of a history of your individual lifestyle responses, allowing us to provide you with fully personalized lifestyle tips and recommendations on a continuous basis to achieve your goals.