well b tests

A molecular window to your metabolism? Do you want to know how is your metabolic health? Well B tests make it possible!

Well B report allows you to understand your results and to follow up its recommendations with ease

Your metabolomics analysis is collected in the Well B report. It offers you a blended metabolomics data (a comprehensive analysis of key biomarkers present in your blood sample) together with your specific parameters (e.g. age, gender, values of anthropometry and biochemistry and information of your diet and your physical activity). Each major block of information goes with your specific results, an interpretation and personalized recommendations related to your lifestyle.

The report sections vary depending on the format of the test. All of them take into account factors that could be useful for maintaining your health. Metabolic Health, for example, is the most complete test and includes information related to your body, blood sugar, blood cholesterol and triglycerides levels and also your cardiovascular risk (view a sample report). An example of the sections that form each part of the report can be seen in Image 1.

 Well b report example

Image 1. Insulin resistance section and its components: general description and your result (at the upper part) and information and recommendations from your metabolites and from your data (in the lower part).

How to interpret the report (in a very simple way, no need to be a PhD!)

As you can see in Image 1 all sections of the report contain four parts:

  1. General description of the main factors of the section. Here you can learn in detail what this factor is and why we think it could be useful.
  2. Your result. Close to the general description, you find a coloured box (depending on the section) showing your This box contains clear and concise information about your state.
  3. What your metabolic profile tells. Here you can understand which role play your specific level of metabolites in your health state. In addition, you could find recommendations addressed to maintain your healthy state or revert an unhealthy state. Maybe you think that is too hard, but our recommendations are related to your lifestyle, so it is easier than it seems!
  4. What your data tells. this section shows a detailed interpretation of the self-reported data a collected in your form. In the same way that occurs in the previous section, there are also recommendations on your lifestyle.

In summary, after reading your unique information given in each section, you will have a clear idea of your health state and how to act accordingly. Sounds easy, right?

The importance of the sections chosen and the information provided by your metabolites

Each type of kit has different sections depending on general goals. For example, insulin resistance (Image 1) is a factor accounted in Metabolic Health kit. That is because of its relevance as a mechanism for your metabolic and cardiovascular health. As you probably know, if your organism does not react to insulin, you may be at risk of losing glucose management. Does this state remind you of something? Maybe the word diabetes has sounded in your head. Certainly, insulin resistance can be considerate a previous state of pre-diabetes and diabetes. But don’t be afraid if it is your case! Epidemiological evidence shows that this is a state that can be managed and eventually reversed by changing lifestyle. In addition, this state can be detected from your metabolomics data before changes in your blood glucose levels appear in a common blood test.