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Well B Metabolomic tests

An emerging approach for disease prevention and lifestyle management to assess cardiovascular health and wellness in a personalized manner.

Take action using your metabolic profile, lifestyle & daily habits.

  • Your metabolic profile gives you information about your health status.
  • Lifestyle is reflected in the biochemical composition of your blood.
  • Daily habits, diet and exercise alter your metabolic profile.

Our home metabolomic tests not only will allow you to monitor changes in your metabolism but also will lead to the generation of a history of your individual lifestyle responses. This allows us to provide you with personalized nutrition recommendations on a continuous basis to achieve your goals.

Well B Home Metabolomic Health Tests Kit

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Sold Well B Home Metabolomic Health Tests Kit

Sold Well B Home Metabolomic Health Tests Kit


The metabolome: the key to understanding your body and your health.

Because metabolites both influence and are influenced by genetics, proteins and microbiomes, metabolomics can be used to create a complete understanding of your health.

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